Representing destinations and touristic businesses connecting B2B & B2C

Our mission is to increase the visibility and influence of your company

Representing destinations for national and international companies in the Spanish market
Trend analysis and competitive local market. Planning of the marketing actions to connect with the desired target in the national market.
Intermediaries between businesses and Spanish promotional organisms in the international marketplace
Companies and institutions trust Silk because of our market insights, international network and partnerships. We manage cross-border public relations, media connections and promotion in both Spanish and Northern European markets.

We talk tourism and create connections with customers


  • Communication and corporate relations office
  • Campaigns, events and promotional activities
  • Strategy, planning, media management, social networks, and influencers
  • International marketing campaigns adaptation for local markets
  • Representation in fam trips, road shows, conferences, presentations, interviews, etc.
  • Spot oportunities and manage promotional acts and events
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