Be disruptive! Let's create new stories and memories
How the consumer behaves, what triggers his interests and emotions, what does he identify with, and what is he willing to pay for.
We create compelling stories with inspiring images and content
A combination of messages, formats and channels to reach clients in their context, environment and moment in time

Our mission is to increase the visibility and influence of your company

Silk_Branding: inspiring brands

Traditional behavioural patterns are shifting towards motivation, lifestyle, and timing. Nowadays, clients are the ones who give personality and value to brands. In addition, they share brands with thousands of people through their social networks.
SILK builds dynamic brand that connect with client in each moment, situation, and place.
  • Visual and verbal identity + Storytelling
  • Communication campaigns
  • Brand presence accross facilities and platforms
  • Image improvement projects and adaptation

Silk_Lab: reThink and perform

We turn big ammounts of data into goals, strategies, and actions that help to grow our brands, inspire clients, and improve customer experience.
Also,  analyse competition and marketing trends.
Thinking in business main goals, developing with client a value proposition of their brand, and putting up together their product.
Finally, advising in product strategy, brand orientation, opening it up to new market and identifying business opportunities.
  • Data analysis
  • Trends
  • Macro-Micro competitive environment
  • Strategic branding plan: SEO + Value proposition
  • Target clients
  • Mystery Guest + Hotel Testing: assesing client experience

Silk_Comunication: influence and engagement B2B y B2C

Relationships between the media and companies are as important as communication with the final client.
In Silk We Talk Tourism.
  • Omnichannel planning and strategy
  • Socials, influencers, and media management
  • Corporate relations, meet ups, and networking
  • Identifying opportunities for promotion and communication

Silk_Content Management: the right message in the right media

We create relevant content addressing concepts ideas and emotions so that it is fit for each specific audience
  • Content creation for the media: branded content, press releases, and statements.
  • Resource toolbox for content manaegment: topics, texts, images, studies, videos etc.
  • Content management for social media
  • Blogmarketing


Outsourcing is trending in business, because managing  the functions and estructures is cost efficient.
Silk_Outsourcing offers you the service of an experienced marketing and results oriented team.
  • Marketing unit daily management
  • Planning and effective usage of business resources
  • Consultancy and advising
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