Experience Testing 360º & Mystery Guest

A Silk_Lab product

Do you want to improve client satisfaction, recommendations, and repetition of you business?

Is your goal to attract new segment clients?

Silk Marketing helps you to achieve your goals through Experience Testing 360º & Mystery Guest

This service offers quick and affordable improvements that will increase client satisfaction, recommendations and customer loyalty. By identifying key elements to improve client experience and perception about tangible things as well as emotional and personal aspects. 

What do we value?

Pre & Post Experience

  • Communication and promotion in the media
  • Ratings and reviews in the media: Socials, travel sites...
  • Information and booking processes
  • Visual identity assessment: branding and storytelling.
  • Customer loyalty programs, rewards and surveys.

Real Experience

Front Office: Check in, Check out, payments, 24/7 help desk, client complaints management, estimated client frequency, personalization, etc.
Rooms: cleaning, decoration, setting, functionality,  amenities, connectivity and technology.
Exploit units:
F&B: Buffets, bars, restaurants, room service.
Additional units: Spa & Wellness, Vending machines, shops etc.
In-house: signaling, information, brochures.
One to one: courtesy, empathy, conflict resolution, language knowledge etc.
IT's integration and CRM.
Staff: dressing code, aaspect and presence.

You will never have a second chance to make first impression


  • Records: Pictures, videos and audio notes
  • Description of each experience. Done with voice and written notes keeping in mind the established measurement parameters.
  • Competition analysis: visit competitor´s establishments, image and communication analysis, promotions, and client opinions.


  • Cleanliness and conservation.
  • Functional experience key elements according to the positioning, category, and value proposition.
  • Interiors and setting: furniture, decoration, lightning, smells, temperatures, exteriors.
  • General environment and clients: Hotel vibes and atmosphere.
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Aesthetics, disposition, and product or service presentation: food, amenities, bar service.
  • Effectivity, empathy, WC's, dressing code, response times, attitude with clients.
  • Behavior and client habits. 


  • Mystery Guest mission memory: with images and commentaries.
  • Fixings / recommendations. 
  • Small improvements great results.
  • Upselling / cross-selling opportunities.
  • Competitor reviews.
  • Interim management, change implementation assistance.
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