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Silk Marketing was born in 2008 as Silk Management, a consultancy agency specialized in the tourist sector. In 2010, as an answer to market behaviour and our client's demands we established the communication agency T-time, integrating in the new business part of the services and clients of Silk Management.

In 2015, the internet and social networks transformed our lives, and the tourist businesses. We were facing a new communication and commerce environment, disruptive and uncertain, but full of opportunities and open to creativity.

We wanted to be there, so ended up investing in learning and creating an innovative, flexible and dinamic team. We invested in observing, in making mistakes, in listening, in trying and investigating. We invested in a new project: Silk Marketing was born, a communication agency specialized in the tourism industry.
We had created a sectorial communication office to offer our representation services, and to support national and international businesses in Spain that want to improve their presence in the national market.

Silk Marketing has evolved and grown as a communication business focussed in the tourist and hospitality industry. We are an independent business compromised, with basis and style that support us to evolve and to offer value services for our clients and market.

Silk Marketing is today a business in evolution. We like to observe, learn, create, and connect people and businesses. We want to keep innovating, cooperating, and participating in other businesses.

Over 15 years of experience in the tourist sector makes us a valued and trusted partner

Works and collaborations

Restaurant & leissure

  • Grupo de restauración Traddiction, Canary Islands
  • Grupo Juan Padrón, leissure Canary Islands

Hotel and tourist operators


Organisms and institutions

  • Proexca, Canary Islands. Analysis
  • Infecar, Canary Islands. Strategy and communication
  • Africagua. Communication management

Retail and distribution


Tourist sector suppliers

  • Binter Canarias, African communication
  • Architecture study García de Vinuesa, Madrid
  • Sapo Luxury Services, Grecia



We are an open minded team, educated, versatile, disruptive, and multicultural aimed to break down barriers in tourism, and to spot new trends.

Wendy López Trejo
Founding Parter - Managing Director
Ph. D. Patricia Picazo Peral
Project Account Manager
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